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Bulldog Brews                    Substantial discounts available for multi-pack purchases !

Bulldog Brews have many firsts - Evil Dog is the first ever Double IPA beer
kit on the market and Bad Cat is the first ever Imperial red on the market !

Pack Pack Size
BB Hammer of Thor Special Gravity Lager 3
BB Raja's Reward India Pale Ale 3
BB Cortez Gold Mexican Cerveza 3
BB Pennine Peak Yorkshire Bitter 3
BB Triple Tykes 4kg Special Export Ale 3
BB Cobnar Wood Northern Brown Ale 3
BB Evil Dog American Double IPA 3
BB Four Finger Jack American Pale Ale 3
BB Easter Brew Chocolate Stout 3
BB Bad Cat Imperial Red 3

Black Rock (NZ) 1.7kgs - 23L  
Pack Pack Size
BR NZ Bitter 6
BR Miners Stout 6
BR Export Pilsener 6
BR Pilsener Blonde 6
BR Bock 6
BR New Whispering Wheat 6
BR Nut Brown Ale 6
BR Golden Ale 6
BR Colonial Lager 6
BR Dry Lager 6
BR India Pale Ale 6
BR Mexican Lager 6
BR Lager 6
BR New Zealand Draught 6
BR Crafted American Pale Ale 6

Bards Dry Beer Kits - 23L  
Pack Pack Size
B/Dry Old English 8
B/Dry Amber Export 8
B/Dry Bards Bitter 8
B/Dry Lager Supreme 8
B/Dry Strong Bitter 8

Pack Pack Size
COOPERS Draught 6
COOPERS Real Ale 6
COOPERS Classic Old Dark 6
COOPERS Australian Pale Ale 6
COOPERS European Lager 6
COOPERS English Bitter 6
COOPERS Canadian Blonde 6
COOPERS Mexican Cerveza 6