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Cantina                                  Substantial discounts available for multi-pack purchases !

Start it on Monday - drink it on Friday. Cantina is the ultimate combination of speed and quality in home wine making kits.
Based on our new highly specialised yeast strains and nutrients we are able to retain the grape qualities through the
superfast fermentation. Makes 21 litres and no sugar needs to be added.

You can now buy loose taps with screw-on fit to the inner bag. Use this to serve wine straight from the box !

Pack Pack Size
Cantina 5-Day White 2
Cantina 5-Day Pieselberg 2
Cantina 5-Day Rose 2
Cantina 5-Day Red 2
Cantina 5-Day Chardonnay 2
Cantina 5-Day Pinot Grigio 2
Cantina 5-Day Pink Chardonnay 2
Cantina 5-Day Peach Chamblais 2
Cantina 5-Day Cabernet Sauvignon 2
Cantina 5-Day Montecino 2
Cantina 5-Day Shiraz/Merlot

Pack Pack Size
Magnum Medium Dry White 6
Magnum Medium Dry Rose 6
Magnum Medium Dry Red 6
Magnum Pinot Grigio (*new*) 6
Magnum Apple Cider 1.7kg 6
Magnum Pear Cider 1.7kg 6
Magnum Eldeflower Cider 1.7kg 6
Magnum Strawberry Cider 1.7kg 6

Australian Blend (23L) Wine Kits  
Pack Pack Size
Australian Blend White 2
Australian Blend Chardonnay 2
Australian Blend Pinot Grigio 2
Australian Blend Red 2
Australian Blend Cabernet Sauvignon 2
Australian Blend Merlot 2
Australian Blend Shiraz 2
Australian Blend Merlot Blush Rose 2